Isabel Bishop Original Drawings


 I have come to think that walking is absolutely beautiful, and I could not tell you why... I was struck by the beauty, drama, and miraculous effects of a crowd of people in motion. It seemed magical. It seemed as though the movement involved more than I could take in with my eyes because the air became solid . - Isabel Bishop


Isabel Bishop’s early etchings present single-figure studies or two figures centrally placed in contexts that verge on vignette. Her later works explore groups of moving figures, young bodies in contemporary clothing stand, walk, slouch and turn toward or away from each other with crude, sturdy limbs. The figures themselves are outlined in dark black on pale, grayish paper and are in backgrounds detailed only by mottled washes and loose, broadly hatched areas, These figures take up the whole page, and represent an approach to abstraction more marked than any of Bishop’s earlier graphic work.

Elizabeth Frank - Art News 1974