Hayo Sol

Regarded to be the

  "The Vincent van Gogh
of Pop Art"

Hayo Sol’s works grace numerous important international, private and public collections and his worldwide awards are too numerous to mention

Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY
Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

The Vatican
Filmmuseum, Berlin

The Louvre, Paris

Nice Contemporary Art Museum

The White House, Washington, DC
Tate Modern, London

Museum of Modern Art, NY

Exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Monaco, Paris, Cannes, Nice, Berlin, Moscow, Samara, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, London, Dubai, Ibiza, Buenos Aires, Shanghai

SPQR Fine Art enjoys an exclusivity for Hayo Sol’s custom originals, taken from a photograph as well as original prints on canvas made from the original painting

Dutch PopArt artist HAYO SOL is worldwide renowned for his amazing PopArt paintings that are carefully handcrafted and painted with metal and acrylic paint, airbrush and original Swarovski crystals on specially designed silk coated canvas.

His original technique, using these delicate materials combined with his incredible talent and inspiration, turn each piece into a tridimensional painting that really comes to life when light hits the canvas

Based on the origin that all life in the universe needs sunlight to come to life and survive, Hayo Sol whose last name means “Sun” in Spanish, has translated this principle into PopArt that is truly original. Hayo Sol’s art has taken the art-world by storm, ever since Warhol and Liechtenstein set the bar.

HAYO SOL, who is regarded to be the " The Vincent van Gogh of PopArt", is inspired by the immortal beauty of legends and icons of style, art and fashion but also he is not afraid to expose the dark side of humanity onto his canvases. His latest pieces, take his work to a new and higher level in order to let us experience his art with the most intense impact possible.

For 8 years in a row Hayo Sol has been asked to create paintings for the "Dutch Designer of the Year" award.

For 3 consecutive years HAYO has been invited to design amazing paintings for the annual Monaco Grand Prix Charity Auction in cooperation with HRH Prince Albert of Monaco.

My PopArt paintings are based on images that inspire me as an artist, so to transform that image onto the canvas and make them really radiant, beautiful, alive but mostly; inspiring!

In a dark world I try to make paintings that bring a positive to life and light shadows and my subjects need to qualify these demands. Once I see an image that gives me inspiration, only and already immediately in my brain I see the finished art piece even before one stroke of paint 

has ever been set. If that does not happen I can't paint it, can't develop the piece, can't create.....

So I draw my inspiration from images that I feel and know will guide me during a fascinating journey of sometimes months, to create beauty on canvas that makes a heart glow, move a spirit and touch and inspire somebody's soul in a positive way! My work needs to transcend a strong positive energy only then have I succeeded as an artist.

‍ Hayo Sol