He made many drawings of Japanese and Chinese peasants.During the post war Armand entered the advertising field, and despite holding various creative and managerial posts and later his own advertising service he managed to paint on weekends. He has exhibited in New York, including two one man shows at West Point’s Eisenhower Hall and the Benedetti Gallery. Armand lives on the side of a mountain in Cornwall. N.Y. and devotes his mornings to painting. 

His wife Katharine, a pianist and poet, taught music in the Monroe -Woodbury and Highland Falls School Districts. They have three children Denise, singer and actress; Armand, stage and screen actor; and Andrea, a physical therapist with the Horton Regional Center.


Paintings by

Armand Assante


Armand A. Assante Sr., studied painting in New York for two years with Hubert Landau, a noted German born painter, (a friend of the poet Rainer Maria Rilke), who came here as a refugee to escape the Nazis in l937. Landau was a profound influence on the young painter’s development. During the World War II Armand served with the U.S. Marine Corp in the South Asia, Pacific and China operations, (with his sketching materials always handy in his knapsack).