Discus Thrower
Iwo Jima Memorial
Cross of Inspiration -
John F. Kennedy
Pietà - Acrylic
Cross of Inspiration
Colossus of Rhodes
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Felix de Weldon (1907-2003) was born in Vienna, Austria in 1907. He was the most celebrated sculptor of the twentieth century as well as the most prolific monumental sculptor in history. He served as Commissioner of Fine Arts to the United States under five presidents. He was also knighted in both Italy and England. With more than two thousand public monuments, Felix de Weldon is the only artist whose works adorn all seven continents (Admiral Byrd in Antarctica). Until his death at the age of 96 on June 3rd, 2003, Felix de Weldon led a life many half his age would admire. His style and ability made him the sculptor for kings and presidents, as well as for national and international monuments.

He used his talents to commemorate both the joy and sadness of our lives, and to speak of hope for our future. He strived to make all his works illustrate the humanity within all of us. His pieces speak of the nature of man.

Felix de Weldon chose those pieces which he believed best demonstrate the spirit of humanity. These pieces are The Iwo Jima Memorial, John F. Kennedy's Bust, The Discus Thrower, Brutus, Torso, The Lovers and the Cross of the Millennium.

SPQR Fine Art is privileged and honored to offer Felix de Weldon's homage to mankind. These works of art, of historical significance, will certainly complement your fine art collection.