Great Masters of Sculpture

The statues, monuments, and other sculptures in the following list have been chosen because of the fame they have won, independent of their artistic merit, and because they are on public view. They are listed chronologically, except for the group title Non-Western. Some of the works are representative of a famed artist, many of whose works are equally well known. The creators of some of the earliest works are unknown.


The Great Sphinx, c. 2900 B.C., limestone and masonry; Giza, Egypt.
Queen Nefertiti, c.1365 B.C., painted limestone; State Museum, West Berlin.
Colossi of Ramses II, c.1230 B.C., sandstone; Abu Simbel, Egypt.

Charioteer of Delphi, c.470 B.C., bronze; Delphi, Greece, Museum.Myron: Discobolus (Discus Thrower), marble Roman copy of Myron’s bronze original of c.450 B.C.; Terme Museum, Rome.
Phidias: Parthenon Sculptures, c. 438 B.C., marble (by or under direction of Phidias); British Museum, London.
Polyclitus; Doryphorus (Spear Bearer) marble Roman copy of Polyclitus original of late 5th century B.C.; National Museum, Naples.
Praxiteles: Hermes with the Infant Dionysus, c. 350 B.C., Museum, Olympia; Aphrodite of Cidus, marble Roman copy of Praxiteles’ original of 330 B.C.; Vatican, Rome.
Scopas: Head from the Temple at Tegea, c. 350 B.C., National Museum, Athens.
Lysippus: Apoxyomenos (athlete cleaning himself with a scraper), marble Roman copy of Lysippus bronze original of 330 B.C.; Vatican, Rome
Nike of Samothrace (Winged Victory) c. 300 B.C., marble; Louvre, Paris.
Aphrodite of Melos (Venus of Milo), 2d Century B.C., marble; Louvre, Paris.
Laocoon, 2d Century B.C., marble, by Agesander, Athenodorus and Polydorus of Rhodes; Vatican, Rome.


Augustus, c. 20 B.C., marble; Vatican Rome.
Caracalla, 211-217 A.D., marble; National Museum, Naples.
Virgin of Paris, early 14th Century, stone: Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris.
Claus Sluter: Moses, c. 1400, stone; Champmol Monastery, near Dijon.
Tomb of Phillippe Pot, c. 1480, painted stone; Louvre, Paris.

Donatello: St. George, c. 1415, marble; National Museum, Florence: Gattamelata, 1445-50, Bronze; Piazza del Santo, Padua.
Andrea del Verrocchio; Colleoni, c. 1485, bronze: CampoSS, Giovani e Paolo, Venice.
Michelangelo Buonarroti: David, 1501-04, marble; Academy, Florence; Pieta, 1498-99, marble; St. Peter’s Rome.
Benvenuto Cellini: Perseus with the Head of Medusa, 16th Century, marble: Loggia del Lanzi, Florence.
Gianlorenzo Bernini: Ecstasy of St. Theresa, 1645-52, marble; Santa Maria della Vittoria Church, Rome.


Buddha Vairocana, 8th Century A.D., bronze; Nara, Japan.
Tlaloc (Toltec Rain God), 900 A.D., or earlier, stone; Anthropology Museum, Mexico City.
Amida Buddha, 1252, bronze; Kamakura, Japan.
Aztec Calendar Stone, 1427-29, painted volcanic rock; Anthropology Museum, Mexico City.
Stone Heads, 17th Century or earlier, Easter Island.
Mask with Horns, 19th Century, wood, from southeast Congo (Ba uba); Royal Museum of Central Africa, Tervuren, Belgium.
Buddha, 1960, concrete; Changhua, Taiwan


Jean Antoine Houdon: George Washington, 1788-92, marble; State Capitol, Richmond, Va.
Thomas Crawford; Statue of Freedom, bronze, 1863; atop the Capitol Dome, Washington, D.C.
Frederic Auguste Bartholdi; Liberty Enlightening the World, 1886, copper on steel frame; Liberty Is., New York.
Augusto Rodin: The Thinker, 1879-89, bronze; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.
Augustus St. Gaudens: Abraham Lincoln, 1887, bronze; Lincoln Park, Chicago.
John Quincy Adams Ward; Henry Ward Beecher, bronze, 1891; Cadman Plaza, Brooklyn, New York.




Aristide Maillol; The Mediterranean, 1902-05, bronze; Museum of Modern Art, New York.
Mateo Alonso; Christ of the Andes, 1904, bronze; Uspallata Pass, Chile-Argentina border.
Ivan Mestrovic: My Mother, 1908, marble; Statue Museum, Belgrade.
Constantin Brancusi: The Kiss, 1908, stone: Philadelphia Museum of Art; Bird in Space, 1927, bronze; Museum of Modern Art, New York.
Wilhelm Lehmbruck: Kneeling Woman, 1911, cast in stone; Museum of Modern Art, New York.
Edvard Erichsen: The Little Mermaid; 1913, bronze; Copenhagen Harbor.
Daniel Chester French: Abraham Lincoln, 1922, marble: Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C.
William Zorach: Child with Cat, 1926, marble; Museum of Modern Art, New York.
Gaston Lachalse: Standing Woman, 1912-27, bronze; Albright Art Gallery, Buffalo.
Ernst Barlach: Hovering Angel, 1927, bronze: Antoniter Church, Cologne
Jacob Epstein: Madonna and Child, 1927, bronze, Riverside Church, New York.
Heitor da Silva Costa and Paul Landowski: Christ the Redeemer, 1931, reinforced concrete; Corcovado Mtn., Rio de Janeiro.
Vernon March: Canadian War Memorial, 1926-32 (dedicated 1939), bronze; Confederation South Ottawa.
Paul Manship: Prometheus, 1934, bronze and gold leaf; Rockefeller Center, New York.
Alexander Calder: Lobster Trap and Fish Tail, 1939, steel wire, aluminum; Museum of Modern Art, New York.
Carl Milles: Meeting of the Waters Fountain, 1940, Aloe Plaza, St. Louis; Millsgarden Sculpture, Stockholm.
Gutzon Borgium: Mt. Rushmore National Memorial 1927-41, granite; Near Keystone, S.D.
Gustave Vigeland: Sculpture Park, 1906-43, stone and bronze, Oslo
Pablo Picasso: She-Goat, bronze, 1950: Museum of Modern Art, New York.
Felix de Weldon: Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima Flag Raising), 1954, bronze: Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia.
Jose de Creeft: Alice in Wonderland, 1959 bronze; Conservatory Lake, Central Park, New York.
Henry Moore: Reclining Figure, 1963-65, bronze; Lincoln Center, New York.