Discus Thrower

Celebrating the return of the Olympic Games to Athens

Discus Thrower

Felix de Weldon

Discus Thrower
Limited Edition
Size (inches)
30 h x 18.5 w x 11 d

Over sixty years ago, there was a very important meeting at the Vatican where Mr. de Weldon was asked to act as a consultant for the Vatican.

Mr. de Weldon would not accept payment. He was asked what his dreams were, and he mentioned that he wanted to travel through Italy and work as the Great Masters before him. He went to the Florentine Academy, for the first time, an artist was given official permission to recreate his version of the David. At that time, he set up a studio in Italy and after many great accomplishments he was given the honorary title of Baron.

The Vatican Museum left a very deep impression on Mr. De Weldon. One of the most significant works he encountered was Myron's Discus Thrower. Sixty years later, Mr. De Weldon is presenting his tribute to the first sculptor to achieve life-like representation in art, creating his own interpretation of Myron's Discus Thrower. Mr. de Weldon wanted to capture the essence of Myron's genius so, like Myron, Mr. de Weldon created the work in bronze.

Five hundred years before the birth of Christ the Greeks were at their peak. Myron revolutionized sculpture depicting the beauty of form and line, as well as the flow, energy and movement. The image projects one motion stopping and another one about to begin. It speaks of the human spirit and the joy of competition. This work sums up the actions of humans as athletes and achievers. This is Felix de Weldon's tribute to the return of the Olympic Games to Athens.

Imagine acquiring the most famous piece in antiquity created by the most prolific monumental sculptor in history.