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Over sixty years ago, there was a very important meeting at the Vatican where Mr. de Weldon was asked to act as an advisor and consultant to the Vatican.

Mr. de Weldon, arguably one of the most inspired creators in the history of art, would not accept payment; when he was asked what his dreams were, he mentioned that he wanted to travel through Italy and work as the Great Masters before him. He went to the Bargello Museum in Florence, and for the first time, an artist was given permission to recreate his version of Brutus. Brutus is Michelangelo's last work of primarily political significance, it was carved in marble around 1540.

The Bust of Brutus beyond its historical character is a magnificent representation of a man's strength of will. The face turning to the right has a cold tranquility as well as great energy that blends fascinatingly with hatred, wrath and bitter contempt. Brutus was admired by his contemporaries for his dignity and idealism. This Bust of Brutus reminds one of the cunning sophistication and brutality of Rome.


Felix de Weldon


Bronze with granite base
Limited Edition
Size (inches)
20.25 h x 12 w x 12.25 d